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FRAMED LIMITED EDITION ANNIE EVERINGHAM PRINT ~ ready to ship to you without a lead time!

Approx Framed size 110cm x 110cm

Annie Everingham combines an intuitive love of design, colour, texture and abstract forms to encapsulate the elements of beauty found in everyday life, creating dreamy contemporary artworks using acrylic and mixed media on canvas and linen.

Her work is richly layered with references to the world of textiles, adornment, interiors, architecture, clashing cultures, flowers and natural elements. Passionately exploring technique, composition and colour, she brings a youthful and unreserved signature style to each new work.
This limited edition print of Annie’s original artwork, ‘Wilting Orchid’ (101cm x 101cm, acrylic on canvas, 2015) is one of four pieces belonging to her debut ‘Series 1’ of limited edition prints.
Strictly 50 editions of each. Each print is sold unframed and signed and numbered by the artist.